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The ONLY royalty free music library which meets all the licensing and technology requirements needed for education!


Soundzabound Music Library offers a wide variety of music, audio themes and sound effects for grade K -12 and universities that ensures your copyright safety. Perfect for podcasts, PowerPoint™, videos, news, shows, video yearbooks, digital storytelling, presentations, TV broadcasts, web design and more!


Soundzabound is still the ONLY ROYALTY FREE music library who understands the growing technology requirements and licensing needs for education, having been created by educators for education.

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A well rounded collection of styles and themes.

Diverse collection of holiday music, classical selections, and traditional cultural music from around the world.

Great musical styles from the last hundred years, plus themes for your own movies
and sound effects.

Production Perfection - Up-tempo, Mid-Tempo and Low Tempo make this the
perfect selection.

Top Trax - The most cutting edge production music ever designed for education.

Global Bands & Artists - Artists,bands and producers from around the world. Includes
vocal and non-vocal content with styles ranging from RAP to ROCK, COUNTRY to OPERA, and modern traditional music.

Global Bands & Artists - Artists, bands and producers from around the world bringing both vocal and non-vocal content in various styles to spark your projects and productions. 

Supreme Soundz - Professionally produced music for any production, project or purpose.

Supreme Soundz 2 - Additional, professionally produced music for videos, gaming, presentations, book trailers, sporting events, fashion, app development, dance, Phys Ed... and more!

Supreme Soundz 3 - EVEN MORE professionally produced music for any production, project, or purpose - certain to help students, teachers, and administrators educate, engage, and interact by enhancing their multi- media creations.

Edgy production tracks perfect for today's (and tomorrow's) multimedia projects.

Audio for anime, animation, gaming, story-boarding, and avatars- perfect for real world production and especially those virtual projects that border the fantastic and beyond.

Featuring soaring piano pieces, rocking arrangements, news themes and motivational music, this collection of upbeat and inspirational pieces will give school video projects an artistic boost. Teachers will find this collection perfect for news shows, morning announcements, music-on-hold, student media projects and all sporting events.

Epic Moments is filled with incredible, inspiring orchestrated soundtracks that are perfect for student movies, commercials and video games. Produced by 5 time Emmy-award winning Head Composer Eddie Gray, these compelling cinematic sound beds will inspire your students to create epic masterpieces!

Specializes in crafting custom music cues for TV, movie, advertising, radio, and online media music production. Some of L.A's finest Artist/Composers create dynamic songs in any genre: Pop, Rock, Metal, Latin, etc.

Hip Hop is the most popular genre among young people today. Create your own rap song with this music!

“Instru-Mental” cornucopia of musical styles, ranging from fast-action, gritty and edgy, rock and beat-driven tracks to smooth, mellow, ethereal, moody, and cinematic compositions.

Lo-fi Music is perfect for studying, test taking, and classroom activities. A 2019 study demonstrated that participants who listened to lo-fi music scored significantly higher than two control groups who had no music. This music evokes a feeling of calmness and can be played in the school cafeteria and hallways or even used for message-on-hold.

From the barn yard to the city, we brought them all to you - chickens, lions, horses, dogs
and more. Go ahead, release your animal instincts to bring your multimedia creations to life.

Ambient sounds and noises will give your productions and presentations an extra special touch - that critical attention to detail that will bring your project to life.

Cheering, crying, laughing, sneezing, coughing, gasps, kisses, the sounds of various bodily functions, and much more will humanize your multimedia project.

Perfect for your modern-day and future media creations including game development, videos, podcasts, digital stories, animation, 3-D creations and much more.

Erie, spooky, creepy and crawly. Professional horror film production sounds such as chainsaws, monsters and bloody beating hearts are right here for you.

Bouncing balls, whistles, organs, cheering, chants, booing and ambience are just some of the many sounds you will find in this collection.

Various forms of transit, including bikes, boats, cars, planes, helicopters, subways, trolleys and trains and the people who operate them have been a vital part of everyday life.