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Music Library was founded by educators in 1996. As visionaries, they could see the need for music as technology emerged in education. Along with the exciting possibilities, they could also sense the growing dangers of copyright compliance. With a video and technology background, the educators partnered with music professionals who shared the vision to become a part of this “marriage” that formed the corporation. Producers, songwriters, arrangers, studio owners, ASCAP members and copyright legal council accompanied the music department to begin producing high quality, educationally priced music which protects your site and system against copyright infringements.

More than a decade later, Soundzabound is still the ONLY ROYALTY FREE MUSIC Library who understands the growing technology requirements and licensing needs for education, having been created by educators for education.

Thank you for sharing in our vision!

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Music Library
P.O. Box 492199
Atlanta, GA, USA 30349-2199
Phone: (888) 834-1792
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