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April 2012
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Volume 7 - Global Bands and Artists


At only $49, this volume is our “budget friendly” option, created for schools with limited funding. It contains full length songs with no time cuts.



 April Song of the Month
Claire Baum - "Nameless"

An excellent instrumental piece from one of the finalists the Student Productions 2012 release.  "I make all my music with the freeware program LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio) and artwork in the painting program GIMP."

Soundzabound and iPad/iPhone Compatibility

Soundzabound customers have asked about the use of Soundzabound on the iPad and being unable to use the mp3 download button.  This is a proprietary issue with Apple, alleviating an MP3 by Soundzabound or anyone else to be downloaded, but only allowing M4a file downloads from iTunes. This poses a legal challenge for schools and districts, since labels and publishers do not automatically grant synchronization rights for iTunes music to be used for educational technology.  Soundzabound is currently speaking with the labels, publishers and making attempts to speak with Apple in order to resolve legal and technical issues. We will keep you updated on this progress and possible workarounds.

UK Internet Providers Lose Copyright Court Battle
- salon.com 

LONDON (AP) — England’s High Court has sided with the music industry over Internet service providers in a battle over Britain’s new copyright rules...The rules introduced by the 2010 Digital Economy Act force providers to send an escalating series of warnings to users suspected of illegally swapping movies and music online.

Facebook users beware: Don't use the word 'Book'
 - cnet.com Dara Kerr
The social-networking site is updating its Statement of Rights and Responsibilities -- if approved, account holders must agree not to use the words "Face," "Poke," or "Book."

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