Intros (introductions)

Volume 2
Play Title Artist Category Duration
Irish Washerwoman (Trad. irish) Soundzabound Irish, Intros (introductions), Cultural 0:15
Bavarian Waltz (Trad. German) Soundzabound Intros (introductions), German, Cultural, 1800's - 1900's 0:16
Le Vin De Francais (Trad. French) Soundzabound Intros (introductions), French, Cultural 0:15
O Sole Mio (Trad. Italian) Soundzabound Italian, Intros (introductions), Cultural 0:15
Hava Nagila (Trad. Jewish) Soundzabound Jewish, Intros (introductions), Cultural 0:16
Raat (India) Soundzabound Intros (introductions), Indian, Cultural, Audio for Podcasts 0:16
Dance of the Arabian Princess Soundzabound T.V. & Movie, Middle Eastern, Intros (introductions), Cultural 0:16
Rhythms of Freedom (African) Soundzabound Intros (introductions), Cultural, Audio for Podcasts, African 0:16
The Orient Soundzabound Outros (short clips for endings), Intros (introductions), Cultural, Audio for Podcasts 0:16
Mountains of Tibet Soundzabound Tibetan, Intros (introductions), Cultural 0:15
Contemporary Reggae Soundzabound Reggae, Intros (introductions), Cultural 0:15
Flamenco Design (Spanish) Soundzabound Spanish, Intros (introductions), Cultural 0:15
Brazilian Jazz Samba Soundzabound Intros (introductions), Cultural, Brazilian 0:15
Mexican Hat Dance Soundzabound Mexican, Intros (introductions), Cultural 0:16
Take Me Out to the Ballgame (organ) Soundzabound Sports, Intros (introductions), 1800's - 1900's 0:15
Deck the Halls Soundzabound Intros (introductions), Christmas 0:15
Auld Lang Syne Soundzabound New Year's, Intros (introductions), 1600's - 1700's 0:15
Fur Elise (Beethoven) Soundzabound Intros (introductions), Classical, Beethoven, 1600's - 1700's 0:15
Quartet for Strings & Piano in G minor (Mozart) Soundzabound Mozart, Intros (introductions), Classical, 1600's - 1700's 0:16
Volume 3
Play Title Artist Category Duration
Hard Slam Soundzabound Rock, Intros (introductions), 90's 0:15