Volume 9
Play Title Artist Category Duration
Air Raid Soundzabound Up Tempo, Sports, Sound-a-likes, Production, Metal, Hardcore, Background, Adrenaline 0:15
Volume 7
Play Title Artist Category Duration
Where the Memory Lies One Of The Fallen T.V. & Movie, Scary, Rock, Mid Tempo, Metal, Hardcore, Emo, American, Adrenaline, 2000's 0:16
Calling All Freaks One Of The Fallen Vocals, T.V. & Movie, Scary, Metal, Indie, Horror, Hardcore, Decades of Music, American, 2000's 0:16
I Am The Anchor RyanTaylorHayes Vocals, Up Tempo, Scary, Metal, Hardcore, Alternative, Adrenaline 0:16