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Compliance Scorecard

How do your sites score for digital compliance? Soundzabound conducts a thorough audit that reviews your use of: Audio, Video, Graphics, Print, Intellectual Property, Performing and Visual Arts, Broadcasting, and Web Publishing.


To schedule an on-site audit, please call Toll Free at 1-888-834-1792, or, email us at

As technology is moving faster than educators can stay within the limits of the law and Fair Use, more than ever they are in need of training, information and resources regarding the proper use of music for multimedia in this digital age. As educators, music professionals and copyright specialists, Soundzabound conducts a fully instructional copyright workshop, which clarifies the confusion over Fair Use by bringing their professional experience directly from the entertainment and licensing field.


"Copyright Wisdom for Music in Media and Technology"

Am I violating copyright when using music in podcasts and videos?
What rights do the students have, and how does Fair Use apply for education?

This workshop will turn the gray into black and white and participants will leave this informative and FUN class confident in proper use of audio in media and technology.

"Digital Copyright - How to Be Compliant in a Digital World"

Music, movies, graphics and internet content are essential tools to technology, but what can and not be used? How do we teach students to be compliant when it comes to copyright, digital and intellectual properties?

This workshop will teach you how to make full use of digital content and not break the law. 

Live, On-Site Workshop Prices*

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Full Day - $2,500.00
Half Day - $1,500.00

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pricing and 2+ days workshop package pricing.

Webinar Pricing -

$250.00 per hour

Professional Development & Training Services
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Free Presentations and Videos You May Distribute

"Copyright Wisdom for Music
In Multimedia"
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"Digital Copyrights" Welcome
to Vegas Baby!
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"South Carolina June, 2008 Training"
Presentation in Microsoft Powerpoint

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