Licensing Royalty Free Music for Education

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Licensing for Education Grades K-12

Music Library purchases come with a written LIFE-TIME license.

licenses are SITE-BASED for each school entity - to be used by all teachers, students and administrators within the entity for in-school and remote use as part of education.

also offers DISTRICT-WIDE, REGION-WIDE and STATE-WIDE licensing for bulk purchases which account for the number of school entities or student population. Click here to see just some of the advantages for bulk purchases.

There are two options for purchasing ; either the hard-copy CDs can be mailed to you, or you may download the MP3 (audio) files via In either case, you have the right to use the files for a lifetime. And, you may also purchase BOTH the audio CD's and on-line access. *NOTE: Only Volumes 1-5 are available in audio CD hard copy*

If you choose our web-based services to download at, you have a one-year period in which you may continue to access the files online. The online services have many benefits:

• Additional Time Cuts

• Searchable files by category and keywords

• Digital-ready files (MP3's, universal for any project)

• Remote access from any computer (from home or any location)

• Multiple users can access the files simultaneously

• Cutting edge, copyright compliant technology

• IP authentication is available upon request

One year after your date of purchase, the price is only $99 per site annually to maintain your web access regardless of how many Volumes you own. The annual renewal fee for district, regional and state-wide access is 10% of the purchase order price, and maximum charges do apply to the customers benefit.

The Music files may be used for:

• Video production (including video yearbooks)

• Pod-casting

• Broadcasting (including cable stations, closed circuit television, distance learning and web-based video portals such as and

• PowerPoint

• Web design

• Digital storytelling

• Sporting events

• Media and Technology fairs, competitions and exhibits

• Plays & theater

• Public performance and ambient listening

• And all other forms of multimedia used in education.

Students may use their productions and projects that incorporate Music as part of their student portfolio to further their education and careers. It is also permissible that they can win prize money from educational media competitions.

Music files may be loaded to any number of machines, computers and digital music players as long as it is the property or personal possession of a student, teacher or administrator of the licensed school entity.

Educators may also duplicate and sell their finished products for profit which contain Music, as long as it is within their educational realm, and not for personal or business profit and purposes. (For example, a school may make a video using Music, duplicate the video and sell to parents for a school profit). This licensing capability is what makes Soundzabound the most reliable royalty free music for education.

Licensing forbids the sharing of purchased music files with non-purchasing sites, students, teachers, administrators, individuals or other school entities. This includes placement of log in information on open, non password protected websites.

More Questions? Check out our FAQ page! Feel free to contact us if you have further questions.