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Soundzabound wants you to be informed and know where to go to gather information about safe media use.  Below you will find links to Published Soundzabound Articles, Copyright Information, and more including how to properly link back to us from your site.


Digital Citizenship Articles

Code of Best Practices

Avoiding the Gift of Copyright Present

Use of Video in the Core Curriculum

Copyright Issues When Using Music in Videos—The Digital Age!

Making Your Videos POP!

Making Video History

Video at MySpace or Yours

License to Read: Avoiding Legal Problems

The School Video Stimulus Package

I Shot It, Now How Do I Edit It?

I Shot it, Now How Do I Edit It? Part Two

Saving and Sharing Your Video Yearbook Memories

The Good, The Bad, The Great

How to Get Media Permissions for Your Videos and other Media

How to Copyright Your Works

Video at MySpace or Yours

I am What I Learn Contest Demos

Illegal Sharing of Music Files-Who's Getting Sued and Why

The Show Must Go On

Free Copyright Compliance Webinar

21st Century Citizenship- Everyone is a Copyright Holder

In The News- Soundzabound, the Classroom Solution and Safe Harbour

Media Permissions and Ethics: Essential Practices for Videographers

Audio for Photos- Bring Your Digital Slideshows to Life

Audio for Photos- Part Two

Cyber Bullying and School Videos

Who The BLEEP Is Screening Content?

Piracy In Education

Piracy Proofing Your Schools

WARNING: Your Video Contains Copyrighted Material

Image Is Everything


Copyright Information

Recording Industry Association of America The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) publication of educational materials for teachers, students and parents.
LOADS of info regarding copyright
School Law article regarding WARNING by RIAA
Fair Use Guideline info
GREAT article with Q’s & A’s on copyright and usage related to education
To find copyright owners
To get assistance to contact copyright holders and publishers
Jennifer Maydole - Visual Communciations, Multimedia and Copyright Education
Teach your students to become proper Digital Citizens

The Basics of Music Law

Other Links

Full Sail University: Career PathFinder    PathFinder is an interactive experience that helps you explore your area of interest and puts you in a path toward a career doing what you love.

Copyright Awareness For Students – When students use copyrighted media without proper permissions, there's a mentality that "we won't get caught". This video will give example of lawsuits and licensing that we should pay attention to and ultimately migrate to a media permissions process.

Copyright Awareness for Administrators and Superintendents  Are our teachers and staff modeling ethical behavior when using digital media?
Download the Latest Version of iTunes

Audacity & Lame
Free Audacity Audio Recorder & Editor with Lame MP3 Encoder

What Is My IP? .com

Virtual Tours and Photography - See It 360

Southern Digital Solutions LLC - Atlanta Website Design

DigiVinci Design
Effective and affordable web solutions for small & medium businesses.

Techniques With Todd
Online Guitar Lessons, Tips, Techniques

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