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 Current Workshops Include:

Digital Copyright Wisdom (our most popular selection)
Am I violating copyright when using music in podcasts and videos? How can I ensure integrity when using movies, graphics, and Internet content? How do we train our teachers and students to be compliant in a digital world? This workshop will help participants become confident in the proper (and legal) use of digital content in multimedia and technology. It will also help educators understand the techniques of training students for licensing, legal and liability matters they will face in their careers and higher education.

Media Permissions and Ethics for 21st Century Skills
As technology speeds forward in education, parents, students, teachers and administrators are held liable for everything from copyright laws to internet safety and security.  A new educational program designed by Soundzabound will address 21st Century Skills, Digital Citizenship, individual state-standards and methods on educating our students for a stronger, more innovative workforce through the MP&E Program.

Rock the world with Media Literacy
In order to succeed - and survive in the 21st Century, our ability as educators to empower students, teachers and trainers with the necessary skills of modern media culture is essential.  More than a buzz word or fad, media literacy has become an important part of every core subject and our every day lives.  During this session, participants will:
  • Learn uses of media literacy for early, elementary and secondary education.
  • Learn uses of media literacy as a training tool for communications, business and higher education.
  • Receive information on available resources and lesson plans.

Anti-Piracy Training for Teachers and Students
Did you know that just the piracy of music alone cost the U.S. tax payers $12 billion a year? In addition, pirating other forms of media including movies, images and intellectual property happens daily in the classroom, therefore bringing lawsuits on schools and their district offices. This workshop will help attendees to understand the impact that digital piracy has on our economy and will reveal methods of piracy being committed by students and teachers- even sometimes, unknowingly. This workshop can be scaled to accommodate grades 4 through adult.

Podcasting With Class
Learn how to create and publish a podcast! Use podcasts for student projects / presentations, audio book reviews/ book talks, classroom lessons, reading and foreign language practice, emergency/ substitute lesson plans, syllabus recording, parent information, teacher information and training, and the list goes on and on. (Our most “green” course… save paper and $$$ with your new skills.)

Who's afraid of the Big, Bad Podcast?
Do you feel like the train has left the station and you're not on it because you have not started a podcast? Get up to speed quickly and comfortably by getting tips and easy-to-use tools to make you a podcast pro over night.

Making your Podcasts and Videos POP with Music
Would you like to take your podcasts, videos and presentations to the next level? The difference between a mediocre and a professional video is the soundtrack. TV and film producers and advertisers know the psychology behind the music that will engage, excite or calm the viewer. Don't just grab the next piece of music that you hear, learn the tricks of the trade known by top TV and film producers to make your projects POP!

Social Networking in Education
Can social networking be utilized in education? Most definitely! Learn to use social networking to share ideas and best practices, communicate information to student, teacher and parent groups, and tap into the sense of community and teamwork that these networks can encourage.

Making Video History
We are surrounded by history being made every day, so don't let a moment pass you by without capturing it for generations to come. Learn about basic equipment that fits in a shoulder bag, how to create video time capsules, how to incorporate video into your classroom, and how to publish your work.

License to Read
So many software licenses, so little time, and just as sure as you don't read something properly - here comes trouble. Are you thinking this doesn't sound like fun? Think again. Learn legal tips by the pros on how to cut to the chase to make sure you're compliant, and don't click "I agree" unless you truly do - especially in a day and age when you plan on publishing your work to the web.

MySpace or Yours
How to set up an education safe web 2.0 virtual classroom.

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Live, On-Site Workshop Prices*

Full Day - $2,500.00
Half Day - $1,500.00
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$250 per hour

Our Trainers


Ric Viers

Ric Viers has been a guest speaker at Full Sail Univeristy, Skills USA, Colleges and Film Schools, presented for Sony and hosted dozens of videos for Rode Microphones. His extensive experience in Location Sound has led to the creation of his next book "The Location Sound Bible" which will be his second published book (his first book "The Sound Effects Bible" was released in 2008).

His Workshops include:

Audio Basics
Sound Effects Creation
Sound Design for Film
Sound Mixing for Video and the Web
Location Sound for Film and Television

Hal Fletcher

Hal Fletcher has 25 years of national sales and marketing experience and enjoys sharing innovative ways to determine target consumers and assess their needs, brand a product or service, develop marketing strategies using all forms of media while exhibiting the highest level of business ethics and etiquette.  Hal has presented “Digital Copyright Wisdom”, “Media Permissions for 21st Century Skills” and “Social Networking in Education” from district to state level officials, in addition to working with CTE students.

Diana Adams

Diana has had a love for photography since she was young. She started out admiring her dad's underwater photography, and her love soon became a passion. In 2004, Diana attended The Creative Circus (an Art/Ad school) in Atlanta, GA for Photography. Since then she has worked professionally in this field and loves to spread her knowledge to others. 

Her Workshops Include:

Photography Basics
How to take your Photographs to the next level

Sean McNally
Scott Sabotage
Lucas Kent
Rosie Cochrane
Chris Griffin
Pete Johnson