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Cinematic Magic

Masters of music production FADER VIXEN deliver audio for anime, animation, gaming, story-boarding and avatars, perfect for real world production and especially those virtual projects that border the fantastic and beyond. (Released 2012)

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Fader Vixen Records Atlanta, GA United States

Fader Vixen is an electronic band that is influenced by music from the 80s and 90s, while building on a foundation of compelling and emotive songwriting. We are prolific composers, and we create graphical and video content that supports and compliments our mu...

Title LengthPreview
A Walk Down Bourbon Street0:30
Alien Monks0:26
Bill Of Goods0:30
Clowning Around0:33
Creepy Nursery 0:32
Dawn of Industry0:32
Easy Street0:31
Trip The Reaction (Instrumental)0:33
The Vandal0:32
The Scat0:30
Southern Chain Gang0:32
Skin Flush0:31
Save Me0:31
Hang Onto Me0:30
On The Floor0:32
Oh Holy Night2:02
Ideas (Remix)1:02