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Instrumental Soundzscapes

An “ Instru-Mental” cornucopia of musical styles, ranging from fast-action, gritty and edgy, rock and beat-driven tracks to smooth, mellow, ethereal, moody, and cinematic compositions. Plus stylized variations of the Star Spangled Banner: simple piano, choral orchestrations, cathedral and baseball organ, urban and rock, old-school chill, new age invocations, and more. (Released 2013)

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Harry Woodum Nevada City, CA United States

Recording artist, composer, songwriter, Harry Woodum, has been creating original material for over 25 years. A true fan of diverse styles of music, he works in multiple genres. Many of his offerings have been created for use in book trailers and other video pr...

Title LengthPreview
Awake In The Mist1:01
Through The Light1:01
Star Spangled Banner (Hip-Hop Guitar)1:17
Star Spangled Banner (Baseball Organ)1:20
Star Spangled Banner (70s Rock Guitar)1:27
Chasing the Storm1:01
Enter the Gate1:07
Final Journey1:07
Return Home1:01
Pressed For Time1:01
Passage To Enchantment1:01
No Remorse1:00
Neutronic Flight1:00
In The Aftermath1:05
In A Flash1:01