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Volume 9 – “Supreme Soundz 2”

Additional, professionally produced music for videos, gaming, presentations, book trailers, sporting events, fashion, app development, dance, Phys Ed (basically any production, project or purpose - certain to help students, teachers and administrators educate, engage and interact by enhancing their multi-media creations). (Released 2014)

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Soundzabound Atlanta, GA United States

The following songs are by Top Producers at Soundz.

Title LengthPreview
Watching Waiting0:30
War Machine0:30
Under Fire0:31
The Mission0:31
Tactical Warfare0:31
Swamp Stomp0:30
Seattle Song0:30
Princess Dreams0:30
Madison Ave0:30
Jamaica Girl0:30
In The Zone0:30
Highway 250:30
Gimme the Bass0:31
Epic Drums0:30
Destination Goa0:30
Counting Down0:31
Conspiring Cowards0:31
Boston Rocks0:30
Ancient Secrets0:31