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Volume 4

Up Tempo Music, Mid Tempo Music and Low Tempo Music Themes. (Released 2004)

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Soundzabound Atlanta, GA United States

The following songs are by Top Producers at Soundz.

Title LengthPreview
Slam Jam0:30
Jazzy Blues0:31
Brass Tacks0:30
Brass Tacks0:15
Perfect Day0:31
Opening Game1:00
Kidz 20:31
Electronica Undercurrent0:31
Hit the Groove0:30
Headin' West0:30
Perfect Production0:30
Majestic Procession0:30
Kidz 30:30
Promises Kept0:31
Acoustic Silhouette0:31
Solitary Enlightenment0:15
Perfect Piano0:15