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Volume 5

Modern: Rock, Pop, Country, Urban & Dance, Hip-Hop, Street & Techno. Vintage: from Funk to Punk to Rock. (Released 2006)

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Soundzabound Atlanta, GA United States

The following songs are by Top Producers at Soundz.

Title LengthPreview
Getcha Dance On (vocals)0:30
ATL (Vocals)0:30
Ahh Hoah0:30
Urban Drama0:30
Students Rap Over This0:30
Students Rhyme Over This0:30
Electro Nite0:30
Getcha Dance On (no vocals)0:30
Everybody GO!0:32
LA Rock0:30
Power Ballad0:31
Brit Pop0:30
Can't Come Out0:31
90's ModROCK0:30
Queen of Pop (vocals)0:31
R&B Pop (vocals)0:31
Boy Band (vocals)0:30
Boy Band (no vocals)0:30
Club X0:30
Modern Country0:30
Nashville Rocks0:29
70's Goth Rock0:30
Cali Baby (vocals)0:30
Cali Baby (no vocals)0:30
Stadium Stomp Clap0:30
70's Punk Rock0:30
Dance Party Rock0:30
Aussie Rock0:31
70's Soft Rock0:31
British Invasion0:30
60's Rock0:30
Surf's UP1:00
Surf's UP0:30
Loose Change0:31
Soul Funk0:30
Flower Child0:30
Tube Trip0:15
Party Rock0:15
70's Soft Rock0:20