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“High Frequency Tracks”

High Frequency Tracks specializes in crafting custom music cues for TV, movie, advertising, radio, and online media music production. Some of L.A's finest Artist/Composers create dynamic songs in any genre: Pop, Rock, Metal, Latin, etc. This talented group has recorded music for hit shows, written songs for major artist, and has recorded Platinum hits. Their music has been featured on shows such as Dish Nation, Hollywood Heights, Duck Dynasty, Total Divas, The Vineyard,Millionaire Matchmaker, Dance Moms, Skin Wars, Real Housewives of Orange County, DirecTV and many others. (Released 2015)

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Soundzabound Atlanta, GA United States

The following songs are by Top Producers at Soundz.

Title LengthPreview
A Time For Everything Instrumental4:35
Carribean Girls1:00
A Time For Everything Instrumental0:30
April Love0:30
Be My Heart0:30
Big Trouble0:33
Country Land0:39
Give Myself0:29
Dreaming LA1:00
New Sounds On the Block1:00
In A Moment0:30
In Love0:25
Kissed A Boy0:30
Marlboro Man0:31
Mind Breaking0:30
New Life0:31
One Week Instrumental0:25
Remember Me0:30
One Week Vocals4:20
Who I Become1:00
Sunny Pastures0:30
Weekend Boogie0:30