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Volume 6 – “Global Bands & Artists”

The content you've all been waiting for in a copyright safe audio collection perfect for production as always! A revolutionary audio product in content and technology that features artists, bands and producers from around the world in a stunning layout with superior search functionality.

Includes both vocal and non-vocal content with styles ranging from RAP to ROCK, COUNTRY to OPERA, and modern / traditional music from the U.S., Africa, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Jamaica, and Ukraine. (Released 2009)

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ARC- Acoustic Reflection Control Atlanta, GA United States

Title LengthPreview
Al Sween Greensboro, NC United States

Title LengthPreview
Regg 120:30
Twist Ya Hips0:30
Ansane Edmonton, Canada Canada

ANSANE is the production/songwriting duo of Anson Randal & Duane Perera. These two young producers are tomorrow's musical elite. Servicing Hip hop, R&B, Dancehall, Pop, Rock & Electronic artists and various media companies, ANSANE has quickly become one of th...

Title LengthPreview
Electronic 0050:30
Electronic 0060:30
Hip Hop 1180:30
Ashley Rivera Atlanta, GA United States

Country rock artist Ashley Rivera has been performing throughout the southeast since the age of ten. Ashley was recently named Vocalist and Entertainer of the Year by the North American Country Music Association International, chosen from performers in all fif...

Title LengthPreview
Don't Stop the Rain0:30
Outlaw in Black Boots0:30
Don't Stop the Rain (vocal sample)0:29
Outlaw in Black Boots (vocal sample)0:25
Chi Sau Tianjin, China

This East meets West composer was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and now lives in Tianjin, China. Check out "Lion Dance" based on the traditional drumming and rhythms of the Northern Chinese Lion Dance which is mixed with modern western beats. The melody borrows hea...

Title LengthPreview
Lion Dance0:30
Frog and Lotus0:15
Cofield Chattanooga, TN United States

Title LengthPreview
Between the Lines (instrumental) 0:30
Between the Lines 0:30
Nothing (instrumental) 0:30
Nothing 0:30
DJ Little Hanuman Jarkata, Indonesia

In "Kecak Singularity", DJ Hanuman mixes the ancient sounds of the "kecak" style of vocal music with modern electronic beats and production. Since before recorded history, the "kecak" has been performed by hundreds of vocalists, who circle and rhythmically c...

Title LengthPreview
Kecak Singularity (Remix)0:30
Walking Gamelon0:24
Dalicia La Fleur Atlanta, GA United States

What do Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, and Dr. Dre have in common? Absolutely nothing. But if you lived in an alternate universe where anything was possible, then all three would be the parents to a lovechild - Dalicia La Fleur. An artist with an amazing voice, e...

Title LengthPreview
Like a Top0:30
Love Hangover0:30
Rain Down0:30
Danube Budapest, Hungary

Danube is a trio born and raised in Budapest, Hungary and take their name from the Danube River, which orignates in the Black Forest in Germany, runs through Budapest, and empties into the Black Sea in Romania and Ukraine. Danube means "to flow, run". So not ...

Title LengthPreview
Fly 0:15
Freedom Lion Kingston, Jamaica

Born in Negril, Jamaica, now a self proclaimed "citizen of the spiritual cosmos" DJ Freedom Lion carries on the rich Raggae tradition of deep, trance-like music called "Dub". In "the Orion Dubula" he let's the bass pull you into a head nodding vortex, while...

Title LengthPreview
The Orion Dubula0:39
Latin Dub0:30
Gypsy Blue Alexandria, LA United States

Our most memorable gigs came when we started opening up for some of our heroes. We started small. We opened for Zebra in our home town, from then we went to Baton Rouge to open for Cheap Trick. Later came Lillian Axe, David Lee Roth, Lou Diamond Phillips (yes ...

Title LengthPreview
Angel's Cry 1:00
Violent Cartoon 0:30
Angels Cry (vocal sample)0:24
Violent Cartoon (vocal sample)0:44
J.D. Star Nashville / Atlanta, GA United States

You may not realize it, but Georgia is the birthplace of nearly every style of music to which you listen – especially rock and hip-hop. If it were not for artists such as James Brown, Otis Redding and Little Richard – all from the state of Georgia, then p...

Title LengthPreview
The Way It Should Be (instrumental) 0:30
The Way It Should Be0:30
Until You Call (instrumental) 0:30
Until You Call0:30
JCP Jonesboro, GA United States

Title LengthPreview
Just Ride Away0:14
Spanish Knights0:30
Sure Feels Right0:30
James Cobb Jonesboro, GA United States

Title LengthPreview
Flat Calm 0:30
Later That Night0:30
Morning Dance 0:30
Justin Dale Atlanta, GA United States

Title LengthPreview
I Saw You 1:00
I Saw You 0:15
Subtle Storm 0:30
I Saw You (vocal sample)0:44
LSDJ Los Angeles / New York, CA / NY United States

LSDJ is an an acronym for Lizzy, Starlin, Dalicia, Justin. All front people of their own band which range in geography from Los Angeles to New York. Releasing two singles for film and radio spots, the power of this quartet fused POP, ROCK and R&B to create a...

Title LengthPreview
The Best You Can Do1:00
Stay (instrumental)0:30
Marina Serdyuk Denver, CO United States

Marina Serdyuk, originally from the Ukraine, is a singer and songwriter with an energetic and catchy mix of pop, rock and dance music. Her beauty and talent are reflected in her powerful music, which has been generating buzz around the world.

Title LengthPreview
What Do I Have To Do?0:30
Come Back to Me0:30
Take Me Away0:30
Michael Charles Clark Frankfurt, Hessen Germany

Australian born Michael Clark is a conductor, pianist and arranger. He currently works at the Frankfurt Opera as a Chorusmaster. He has conducted in numerous German Opera Houses including Bremen, Pfozheim and Nuenberg, and regularly performs with orchestras fr...

Title LengthPreview
Jesu, meine Freude - Bach arrangement by Hess0:30
Piano Concert 210:28
Alleluia - Mozart0:30
Symphony 400:30
Black White Rag 0:30
Marriage of Figoro Overture - Mozart0:29
Chopin Ballade Nr. 3 0:25
Obiwan Kneivel Marietta, Ga United States

With a background as a touring and recording drummer for nationally known Rock, Country, Hip-Hop and Alternative acts ( under a different alias), Obiwan knows how to drop a beat. Mix that with extensive life long study of classical and indigenous music styles...

Title LengthPreview
Dark Thoughts0:30
Wander Remix0:35
Phantomproducer Nashville, TN United States

Title LengthPreview
Cool It0:34
Mr. Right0:34
Underground Soldier0:34
Powerplay Atlanta, GA United States

from atlanta, ga USA, powerplay has found appeal in the global arena. ROCK has become watered-down mish-mosh of introverted reflection - until now. powerplay is blatently putting the FUN and strut back into ROCK. don't care if you LOVE or hate this, just want ...

Title LengthPreview
About U0:30
She's Diggin Me0:15
Mood Swingin0:15
Renegade Jane Atlanta, GA United States

Title LengthPreview
Bomb Drops0:30
Honest Rock & Roll0:30
Into the Sun0:30
Sam Williams Valrico, FL United States

Title LengthPreview
Sonic Seafoam0:30
1001 Friends0:30
Sancho Adoro Sao Paulo, Brazil

DJ Sancho Adoro lives and works in SauPaulo, Brazil. "SauPaulo Chillin" features the traditional "Samba" rhythms of Brazil, played by huge marching percussion and dance groups during "Carnival". "Viva Latina" and "Clone Love Theme" are fusions of modern Lat...

Title LengthPreview
Viva Latina Remix0:30
Sao Paulo Chillin0:30
Clone Love0:30
Track the Curse Valrico, FL United States

Brutality meets melody in this intense and original crust/hardcore band featuring members of Assuck, Down By Law, and Pseudo Heroes. Cut from the same cloth as the old, un-classifiable hardcore bands like Septic Death, Terrorizer, and The Accused that straddl...

Title LengthPreview
Dim Enclosure0:30
Empty Man0:30
Zulu Jumbo Capetown, ga South Africa

"Jumbo" means "hello" in Swahili, and DJ Zulu Jumbo says "I am sending greetings to all of Africa and the World with the language of Music." In "the Hunters" he visits his own Zulu tribal chants and melodies from the rolling highlands of Ixopo. "Sands of Time...

Title LengthPreview
The Hunters0:30
The Sands of Time0:30
Rainy Season0:30