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Music Published by Soundzabound is Licensed for Independent Film

The Georgia Entertainment Industry Act (O.C.G.A.) has made major film and television one of the biggest revenue producers  for the state. 

42, Flight, The Hunger Games, and The Internship are just a few of the major films shot in GA over the last year. And for Television, The Vampire Diaries, Drop Dead Diva, Necessary Roughness and the incredibly popular, The Walking Dead all have stages in metro Atlanta where they do the majority of the filming and serves as the central for their daily production needs..

Hollywood loves not only Atlanta, but Georgia - not only for the tax incentive and other benefits related to the O.C.G.A., but climate, diversity in terrain, and a very large and diverse talent pool, which are all necessary ingredients for the production of independent and major films and television.

In support of the market and aspiring and employed film students, (many from Georgia State University's program), Soundzabound has begun providing music to the independent film market.

Most recently Soundzabound supported "Behind the Chords", a short film by Falling Tree Films that will be released later this year that features music from Ashley Rivera and other Georgia based artists.


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