Volume 7
Play Title Artist Category Duration
Bad Movie J.B. Tenney T.V. & Movie, Student Projects, Solo Instruments, Soft Rock, Production, Instrumental, Country, Alternative, Acoustic 0:16
Bunga Inframe Project Vocals, Rock, Mellow, Indie, Cultural, Alternative, Acoustic, Indonesian 0:16
StankBot Tyranny StankBot Tyranny Vocals, Up Tempo, Rock, Punk, Alternative 0:16
Do Over The Good Evol Vocals, T.V. & Movie, Sound-a-likes, Rock, Pop, Indie, Alternative, 2000's 0:16
Love Ate My Brain The Good Evol Vocals, Up Tempo, T.V. & Movie, Sound-a-likes, Rock, Punk, Pop, Modern, Decades of Music, Background, Alternative, 2000's 0:16
Long Way Home South Bandits Vocals, T.V. & Movie, Student Projects, Sound-a-likes, Rock, Radio, Production, Modern, Indie, Decades of Music, Background, Audio for Podcasts, Americana, Alternative, 2000's 0:16
I Am The Anchor RyanTaylorHayes Vocals, Up Tempo, Scary, Metal, Hardcore, Alternative, Adrenaline 0:16
Freak Show Roller Genoa Vocals, Up Tempo, T.V. & Movie, Student Projects, Sound-a-likes, Rock, Radio, Indie, Decades of Music, Alternative, Adrenaline, 2000's 0:17
Everything's OK Inframe Project Vocals, Vintage, T.V. & Movie, Soft, Low Tempo, Jazz, Indie, Easy Listening, Background, Alternative, Acoustic 0:16
Don't Stop Dreaming Inframe Project Vocals, T.V. & Movie, Student Projects, Soft, Production, Mellow, Indie, Easy Listening, Corporate, Commercial, Background, Alternative, Acoustic 0:16