Volume 7
Play Title Artist Category Duration
Baseball Bat draft pick Vocals, T.V. & Movie, Sound-a-likes, Rap, Production, Hip-Hop / Urban, Decades of Music, Dance, Crunk, Commercial, Club, American, 2000's 0:16
Universal Song Indie-Go Blue Vocals, T.V. & Movie, Sound-a-likes, Soft Rock, Pop, Country, Background, Acoustic 0:16
Change Mike Moran Vocals, T.V. & Movie, Spiritual, Sound-a-likes, Rock, Pop, Indie, Country, Americana, American, 90's, 2000's 0:16
Cherry The Main Attraction T.V. & Movie, Sound-a-likes, R&B, Pop, Low Tempo, Easy Listening, Decades of Music, Commercial, 90's, 2000's 0:16
Dating Marie Parie Vocals, Up Tempo, T.V. & Movie, Sound-a-likes, Pop, Hip-Hop / Urban, Dance, Crunk, Club 0:16
Dear Reverie Jessica Speziale Vocals, Up Tempo, T.V. & Movie, Sound-a-likes, Soul, Rock, Pop, Modern, Indie, American, 2000's 0:16
Side Step Ultraphonics Up Tempo, Techno, T.V. & Movie, Sound-a-likes, Production, Experimental, Electronica, Background, Animation, Gaming, Anime 0:16
Do Over The Good Evol Vocals, T.V. & Movie, Sound-a-likes, Rock, Pop, Indie, Alternative, 2000's 0:16
She's Not A Lady The Main Attraction Vocals, T.V. & Movie, Student Projects, Sound-a-likes, Radio, R&B, Production, Pop, Decades of Music, Commercial, Background, Audio for Podcasts, 90's, 2000's 0:16
Shape Of Things Randy Michael T.V. & Movie, Study Music, Spiritual, Sound-a-likes, Soft, Production, Presentations, New Age, Mellow, Low Tempo, Instrumental, Easy Listening, Commercial, Background, Audio for Podcasts, Ambient 0:16
One Last Night Randy Michael T.V. & Movie, Spooky, Spiritual, Sound-a-likes, Production, New Age, Mellow, Instrumental, Background 0:16